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Best Mattress Buying Guide 2019

It is always confusing to purchase mattresses online when you’re having too many brands and also various kinds of mattress online. If you’re confused so allow me to tell you, you’ve landed on the very best spot for finding the proper mattress for you. Though it’s a costly purchase that might last up to a decade. We’ve written this […]

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Getting to Know Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses have been made since as early as the 1930s, but it was quickly out of reach for most people since they could be quite expensive. And ever since its creation in the mid-1970s, PVC or foam mattresses have taken over public preferences for their bedroom. But with the recent popularity of the eco-conscious movement and high demand for more organic and sustainable household products, latex mattress resurfaced and been gaining momentum ever since. […]

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Six Best Latex Mattresses for Your Better Sleep

In the past few years, we are witnessing the return of the latex mattress. Whether as an individual foam or included as part of a hybrid mattress, latex has become a sought after element on a mattress. It’s not a surprise since natural latex has an open-cell structure that allows more airflow, meaning you don’t have to worry about waking up sweaty in the middle of the night.

The latex mattress is also known to be more responsive compared to memory foam one. It’s not affected by your body weight, so it won’t lose shape for many years to come. Another great part is that the mattress is good for all types of sleepers. Your weight will be well-supported even if you’re a side or stomach sleeper. This time, we are highlighting the best-rated latex mattress that guaranteed to help you sleep better. […]

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Is Latex Mattress Hot?

The temperature when sleeping is one of the main discomforts and causes of a sleepless night for many people. After all, you are supposed to fully rest when you sleep. Nobody enjoys waking up at night, especially those who have a problem falling asleep. How well a mattress can retain and disperse body heat should be one item considered before someone buying a mattress. But first, let’s figure out why there are claims about how a latex mattress is hot. […]

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Five Best Mattress Bag for Your Moving Purpose

Moving a mattress can be difficult. There are just so many things to figure out. There’s the question on how to store the mattress, which covers to choose, and the list seems to be endless. It doesn’t matter if you plan to store the mattress in a storage unit or use it right away. The task remains in finding the best bag to protect your mattress. You can store the mattress as it is or vacuum-seal it to save space. At any rate, you need to get the right bag size, to have your mattress fully covered. The bag also needs to be made from a material that is thick enough to protect your mattress from any hazard like water, moisture, bugs, and others.

Whether you want to go economical or ecological, or both, these five bags can help you find one much easier among other similar products. Looking for a mattress bag can get any easier than this. […]

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Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping on the stomach can put a lot of strain on the spine. Especially when the wrong mattress is used, it’s not unlikely for a stomach sleeper to wake up the following day with an achy back! The right mattress for a person who prefers to sleep on his or her belly rather than on the back or side is one that provides plenty of support. This is important to maintain neutral alignment of the spine throughout the night.

Are you a stomach sleeper? Then keep on reading. Below you will come across a selection of some of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers — choose the right one for you and you can kiss backache in the morning goodbye! […]

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How to Clean a Mattress Pad Based on Its Type

A mattress pad helps give you a good night’s sleep. However, it needs to be kept clean so that it may be able to carry out its role. Yes, even though you don’t sleep directly on your mattress pad it can still get dirty.

There’s no single way to properly clean a mattress pad. That’s because they are made out of different materials. It’s important to know what your mattress pad is made of for you to be able to clean it properly. Failure to get rid of dirt and grime in the right way based on the type could ruin your mattress pad!

Well, guess what? We have the best way to clean your mattress pad according to the material it’s out of! So if right now you can’t figure out how to turn your mattress pad from grimy to tidy, read on. […]

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