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With a sea of choices for mattresses nowadays, choosing the best one is like a needle in a haystack. It’s no trick, but why bombard yourself with irrelevant choices when you can trim them down to the best brands of mattresses?

Brands that are synonymous with quality, performance, durability and even value for money make the selection bearable and worthwhile. Think of it this way: you’re going to choose the best among the best. We have rounded up the best brands of mattresses that you can buy with ease and confidence. Feel free to check them out, and leave us a comment on which one actually works well for you.

Each mattress brand sure has something up their sleeve from offering superior comfort, antimicrobial convenience, pressure relief, competitive price, extended sleeping trial to helping you sleep cool. We hope this sheds some light on which brand you would consider purchasing. The choice is yours to make.

LUCID: Affordable Quality Mattresses

Lucid affordable mattressWhen it comes to quality mattresses, LUCID is a trustworthy budget-friendly brand worth mentioning. Since 2010, they have been helping people find solace through sleeping on a mattress that’s been made for them. With LUCID, you can have a mattress that specially fits for you. Following the saying, “To each his own,” the company recognizes that individual sleeping is unique, and no one should be forced to sleep the same way that everybody does. What works for others may be dreadful for some. Thanks to the wide array of choices of mattresses that LUCID has, each family member can find comfort and peace because there are plenty of ways to sleep.

Variety of Mattresses

LUCID offers their customers the liberty to shop by comfort, material, sleep style, budget range, and type of room. From memory foam, latex to hybrid mattresses, the choices are many. It’s impossible not to find your perfect match.

Overview of Lucid Mattresses

Gel Memory Foam

Known for their top-rated gel memory foam mattresses, LUCID makes sleeping soundly for budget-constraint people possible without the hefty price tag. Available from the thinnest, 5-inch to the thickest 14-inch memory foam mattresses, you can easily pick which works best for you. For a cushion that adapts to the contours of your body and conforms no matter what your sleeping position would be, a gel memory foam mattress is the way to go. Did I mention you can choose from multiple firmness levels from firm, medium-firm, medium plush to plush?

Latex Hybrid Mattress

Unlike only memory foam, the latex hybrid mattress has more support and pushback. With memory foam on top and a bouncier feel of latex that acts as a support, you can wake up from a balanced sleeping experience.

Natural Latex + Memory Foam

Combining the best of latex and memory foam in one mattress, this type of LUCID mattress has a luxurious feel and the softest among their mattresses. Though a bit more expensive, the quality offsets the price difference.

Mattress Topper

And if it turns out your mattress is too firm for your preference, there’s no need to fret. You can simply add any of their advanced foam topper with 2-4 inches thickness for an extra layer of comfort.


Known for incredibly low prices, LUCID’s mattresses cost from a mere $99 to $799. For the topnotch quality their mattresses have, LUCID sure knows how to leave a lasting impression without breaking the bank of their customers.

Their mattresses are infused with different cooling materials such as bamboo, charcoal, and aloe vera for regulated temperature and superior comfort. That’s one thing you can’t find elsewhere.

Layla Mattress: Reversible Bed

Layla Mattress: Reversible BedThe difference between sleeping on a Layla mattress compared to competitors is the cool, comfortable, and body pain-free sleep on an all-time clean and fresh dual-sided mattress. What Layla offers is no ordinary memory foam. It’s way more than the standard. That’s why Layla made it to our top mattress brands.

2-in-1 Bed

Whether you prefer a soft plush or a firm bed, Layla offers you the option in one bed. Yes, that’s right. They offer two built-in comfort levels that no competitors can keep up. You can simply flip to the other side should you find the bed too soft or too firm for your preference. How cool is that? With a flippable and double-sided bed, you get the best of both worlds without paying for two!

Whether you’re a back sleeper, side sleeper or randomly-positioned sleeper, the Layla® Mattress got you covered. It’s all you will ever need for a comfy and cozy sleep.

Let’s dissect the structure of this amazing bed. On the firmer side, there’s the 4.5-inch dense polyfoam core that has motion transfer control and the 1.5-inch copper infused memory foam that offers what they call as Variable Support, ideal for side sleepers who need support for their deep compression points like shoulders and hips. Waking up refreshed and pain-free is given with this mattress. On the softer side, there’s the 2-inch convoluted polyfoam, acting as transition layer for a softer feel and the 3-inch copper infused memory foam that cradles the usual pressure points in your body while providing support on the middle.

Copper-Infused Memory Foam for Cooling and Pain Relief

Incorporating scientifically-proven heat conducive copper in their mattresses, Layla has created a two-layer cooling technology in their mattresses. The cover has thermogel finish that regulates the temperature, while the memory foam is copper-gel infused that helps you feel comfortably cool on your sleep all the time. With the copper keeping the heat away from your body, you can rest easy without any sweating out at night.

Since the copper-infused memory foam offers variable support, you don’t have to worry about waking up with body pain. With natural antimicrobial and antifungal property present in the copper, your mattress stays fresh and clean every single night. One more thing to add, the mattress doesn’t have air pockets where germs can hide or bacteria to thrive. That’s another reason for a good night’s sleep.


Though Layla® Mattress is not considered a cheap buy, it’s affordable enough, considering it’s a reversible bed. Its queen, California king, and king-sized mattress are on the same price range as Casper and Nectar.

Nectar: Longest Sleeping Trial

Nectar Longest Sleeping TrialFor budget shoppers, you don’t have to compromise quality in choosing the best mattress for you when there’s Nectar to let you enjoy an inexpensive yet premium quality memory foam mattress. Read on how did it make its way to our list.

Industry-Leading Sleeping Trial

Would you like to test the water before jumping in? Nectar doesn’t just give you the common 100-day sleeping trial period, but even offer 365 days for you to try their mattress! That’s surely plenty of nights to get acquainted with the mattress and judge its performance before the trial period ends. Nectar surely beats the rest in the competition in this area.

Forever Warranty

Unlike other brands, Nectar doesn’t only offer 10 years of warranty but a lifetime warranty for their mattress. For as long as you own a Nectar mattress, it’s under their warranty.

Medium-Firm Memory Foam

Nectar mattress is categorized as medium firm in the comfort level. Covered with quilted gel memory foam that regulates air circulation and contours to your body for optimum comfort, its semi-open gel memory foam layer offers even weight distribution, contouring support, and cooling feature. A high-density polyfoam comes next as a support core, ensuring pressure relief and long-lasting mattress. As a stable foundation, it has a breathable base layer that strengthens the benefits of the upper layers.

Their mattress isn’t all about the soft plush that typical memory foams offer, but instead, offers excellent body support for particular sleeping positions. It has the right firmness to support your back and the right softness to isolate motion transfer, so having a partner that moves a lot to sleep won’t be a problem anymore.

Tencel Cooling Cover

Acting as a protective barrier against bedbugs, a Tencel fabric also wicks away heat and moisture while it promotes air circulation.


For as low as $499 for a twin-sized and as high as $999 for the king and California King-sized, you get to secure the best sleep you could ever have.

Tuft & Needle: Quality All-Polyfoam Mattress

Tuft & Needle Quality All-Polyfoam MattressMaking it to the list of best brands of mattresses is the Tuft & Needle. Unlike the rest, it’s the only sought-after brand that manufactures reasonably-priced all-polyfoam mattresses. For those who prefer memory foam mattresses, you may skip this. However, it’s still worth-knowing why many people trust this brand and are satisfied with their mattresses.

Since Tuft & Needle mattresses lack the memory foam layer, they don’t conform to the body’s shape, thus, expect no body-hugging feature that most beds offer. What Tuft & Needle offers is a straightforward yet comfortable mattress that is nothing fancy but definitely serves its purpose. Each Tuft & Needle mattress is designed for superior support, isolated motion transfer, cozy sleep, and pressure relief for all types of sleepers.

3 Models to Choose From

The Original Mattress

The Original Mattress is Tuft & Needle’s flagship bed that has 2-layer specially-calibrated foam. Exclusively-made for the brand, the T&N Adaptive® foam is specifically designed to suit any sleeping position, offering flexible support for spinal alignment. With a top layer made of breathable open-cell support foam that is infused with graphite and cooling gel, be ready for a deep slumber as you stay cozy and relaxed while the mattress dissipates the heat from your body. This 10-inch mattress is categorized as a medium-firm cushion that gives you a floating-on-foam feel. Your nights of better sleep starts with a mattress from Tuft & Needle’s The Original model.

The Mint Mattress

If you’re looking for a solid mattress option, then The Mint Mattress won’t disappoint you. This 12-inch mattress is just like The Original Mattress yet enhanced with an extra layer of adaptive foam for pressure relief. If you want to indulge in a luxury mattress for the price of a standard bed, then here’s your chance. It has two layers of T&N Adaptive® foam that provides ideal support for pressure points like hips and shoulders. It comes with a luxe knit cover that is breathable for additional comfort. Adding an extra-firm 4-inch polyester foam to the base layer, it has better edge support compared to how The Original performs. When it comes to its cooling feature, it has 30% more graphite on the top layer of the T&N Adaptive® foam, drawing heat effectively away from the body for an all-night cozy sleep.

The Hybrid Mattress

Combining the wonders of T&N Adaptive® foam and spring paves the way to the birth of Tuft & Needle’s The Hybrid Mattress, a version of their typical mattress. It doesn’t just have two or three layers but a total of six different layers that make up the 12-inch topnotch quality mattress. It’s covered by a quilted foam topper with open-cell foam that adds comfort and silken style. The next layer is the proprietary T&N Adaptive® foam, followed by 1-inch transition coils that act as a supportive structure on the top of the bed. Both the over and the Adaptive® foam is infused with carbon fiber, graphite, and ceramic gel beds, ensuring its superior durability and cooling comfort for years. Then, another layer of T&N Adaptive® foam for that soft transition from the coils underneath. Serving as the bed’s main support structure is the next layer of responsive 6-inch coils. Tuft & Needle goes above and beyond in giving you sleeping comfort no matter what type of sleeping position and the weight you have. For those on the heavy side up to 300 lbs., this hybrid mattress can give you the support you need with its dual coil construction, unlike others. Also, when it comes to edge support and motion transfer, this one’s a keeper. Having one to sleep on would only guarantee you deep slumber all night.


For as low as $350 for a twin-sized mattress from The Original selection and as high as $1745 for a luxurious California King-sized mattress from The Hybrid collection, you can be one of their numerous happy sleepers. They have just about the same price range as most memory foam mattresses in the market.

No-Risk Purchase

As a customer-oriented company, Tuft & Needle makes buying a mattress risk-free with their full refund, 100-night sleep trial, and 10-year limited warranty, which their clients can use. Why not see and feel for yourself the sleep difference that a Tuft & Needle mattress can offer?

The Original Purple: No Pressure Mattress

The Original Purple No Pressure MattressThe Original Purple has made a huge break in the mattress industry due to their uniquely-designed mattresses and catchy ads. Well, we included this brand on our list because it can compete with leading brands with no sweat.

Three Models to Choose From

The Purple® Mattress

The ever-popular Purple® Mattress comes with 2-inch No Pressure Purple Grid on a dual-layered foam. It’s known to support the back on the budget. It comes with 3.5-inch 1.8 lbs. density polyurethane foam and another base layer of 4-inch 2.0 lbs. density polyurethane foam. It’s covered with SoftFlex Wave Knit. All-in-all, this mattress makes floating to sleep possible without waking up with body pain.

Purple® Hybrid

For upgraded adaptive support and airflow, there’s the Purple® Hybrid that combines the Purple Grid™ and patented Responsive Support Coils. Engineered to fit all types of sleepers no matter the shape and size, this mattress takes the quality of mattress to a higher level as it combines durability, luxury, and No Pressure support. It has the same 2-inch No Pressure Purple Grid foam on the top layer as The Purple® Mattress but with responsive-support coils for added comfort, responsiveness, and durability.

Purple® Hybrid Premier

The last but not least is the Purple® Hybrid Premier, the best luxury mattress they can offer. It has the perfect synergy of optimum comfort and adaptive support. With 50% more Purple Grid than the Purple Hybrid, you would know how much of pressure-cradling it has the moment your body sinks into the mattress comfortably. You can choose between a 3-inch weightless no-pressure mattress, ideal for those who love softer bed and switch sleeping positions or 4-inch zero gravity mattress, ideal for side or curvy sleepers who sleep like a log. Unlike the two models, it has 4-inch No Pressure Purple Grid foam on the top layer, 1” 2.0 lbs density polyurethane foam, and 7.5” pocketed springs acting as responsive support coils.

Basically, the thicker the Purple Grid layer, the more weightless you would experience while the mattress promotes spinal alignment and offers back support.

Patented Buckling-Column Gel Foam

What The Original Purple prides for is their elastic polymer reinforced with patented buckling-column gel foam that rests on top of the mattress, offering a cooler sleep than most memory foam mattresses due to its effective airflow capability. This earns a thumbs up for those who sweat to sleep. Sleeping soundly and comfortably on The Purple Mattress is given when the temperature is always cool and motion transfer is well-isolated, ensuring uninterrupted sleep every night.

Risk-Free Purchase

Just like Tuft & Needle, The Original Purple gives you the chance to experience the comfort and excellent performance of their mattress that comes with a 100-night sleeping trial and a premium 10-year warranty.


You can buy The Purple® Mattress for as low as $649 and the Purple® Hybrid Premier for as low as $1899. We know they’re not that cheap, but hey, you can’t compromise quality sleep. A good night’s sleep is a step closer to making your dream a reality. So, get a nice and comfy bed like the ones from The Original Purple. Are you convinced yet?

The Casper: Quality All-Foam or Hybrid Mattress

The Casper Quality All-Foam or Hybrid MattressAre you ready to heat the sack? You can never go wrong with any mattress from The Casper to send you sleeping soundly every night. With award-winning comfort, The Casper brings your comfort zone into reality through their topnotch quality mattresses. Each model they have introduced in the market offers unparalleled comfort, superior support, and pressure relief. Check out which one suits best for you.

Five Models to Choose From

Casper Original

If you’re not a fan of a memory foam’s quicksand feel, then you’ll love the all-foam 12-inch Casper Original with a medium-firm feel. It has Casper’s signature “just right” feel that offers ergonomic support, promotes cool and comfortable sleep, and isolated motion transfer. It’s ideal for all types of sleeping positions. This Casper’s flagship model has four layers of comfort and support such as a top layer of 1.5-inch open-cell polyfoam, 1.5-inch responsive memory foam, an additional layer of 1.5-inch transition polyfoam for more even weight distribution, and a 5-inch high-density polyfoam as the base. You can get a hand of this sought-after mattress for $595 for a twin size, a decent price for most leading mattress brands.

Casper Essential

An entry-level mattress to Casper comfort, the Essential is a simple, nothing fancy memory foam mattress that doesn’t have the typical sink in feeling that most memory foam offers. With an easy-to-clean zippable cover, a 2-inch breathable foam on the top layer, followed by 1.5-inch responsive memory foam, and a durable support polyfoam foam as a base, this 11-inch mattress promises enduring comfort at a competitive price starting at $395, for a twin-sized. It has a medium-firm feel that is cushy enough to make you want to stay long on the bed. Compared to the Original, this is a tad softer. It also maintains a neutral sleeping temperature that prevents anyone from waking up covered with sweats.

Casper Wave

As Casper’s luxury mattress, Wave is Casper’s innovative 13-inch thick mattress that offers advanced support for spinal alignment and zero body ache, cooler comfort, enhanced edge support, and durability. If you want to splurge a bit and get the best bed they have, then Casper Wave is for yours to take. Unlike the Original, Wave makes sleeping feel like in a cloud-like bed since it has a layer of latex foam. It also has four-layer construction: a 1-inch Comfort Flo Floam for a soft, natural foam-feel, 1.5-inch latex foam for a natural bounce and effective pressure relief, a 1.5-inch layer of memory foam, a 1.5-inch layer of support made of high resiliency foam with polymer network for ergonomic spinal alignment, and 7.5-inch high-density polyfoam with contouring as a base. A go-to bed for all sleeper types, couples, and people of any size and weight. There’s no way you won’t love this bed, especially if you prefer a soft, neutral foam to sleep.

Casper Hybrid

After the success of The Original, the company expanded further and started to offer its hybrid version. The Casper Hybrid is a foam-on-coil mattress. The pocketed coil system replaced the usual Casper’s high-density polyfoam as a base. It’s a tad firmer than the Casper Wave Hybrid. As a premium luxury bed, its price can be steep even for a twin size. With the added support of springs to the foam, the optimal comfort and bounce-back for enhanced support justify the need for a higher budget to purchase this mattress.

Casper Wave Hybrid

What’s more amazing than Casper Wave is the upgraded Casper Wave Hybrid, an enhanced version with pocketed coil support for sag-free sleep surface and better edge support. The pocketed coil system takes the mattress to a higher level, resulting in better motion isolation, targeted pressure relief, and improved breathability of the mattress.

With a combination of foam and pocket coils, you get to enjoy a plush, luxurious feel, optimal comfort, complete support, and enhanced durability. It has a five-layer design composed of a breathable and temperature-regulated cover, a 1-inch responsive polyfoam, a 1.5-inch layer of latex for cooling comfort, pressure relief, and enhanced mobility, a 1.5-inch layer of memory foam for deep contouring and pressure relief, a transition layer of high-density polyfoam for zoned support, and 7-inch pocketed coil springs and supportive foam as the base.


Trying out The Casper Mattress is convenient with their 100-night risk-free sleeping trial, free returns, and a 10-year limited warranty. That’s enough time to make a fair judgment on how it performs while you sleep.

Each mattress brand sure has something up their sleeve from offering superior comfort, antimicrobial convenience, pressure relief, competitive price, extended sleeping trial to helping you sleep cool. We hope this sheds some light on which brand you would consider purchasing. The choice is yours to make.