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One of the most exciting parts of waiting for childbirth is putting together their quaint nursery. It’s also incredibly important. While picking the perfect wallpaper design and cutest bedding’s are fun, what’s more essential is your baby’s safe sleeping space—and that starts with picking the best crib mattress.

Choosing the Right Mini Crib Mattress

When it comes to choosing the right mini crib mattress size is an essential factor you ought to consider as a parent. The proper mini crib mattress size should not only fit well in your baby’s crib but should also enhance your kid’s safety. It also helps in brightening the appearance of your nursery.

When choosing the best mini crib mattress size, there are some significant factors you should take into consideration to ensure a holistic fit. To achieve that you will need to pay attention to:

The type of crib

The market offers a wide variety of cribs to serve babies differently as they grow and develop. Your chosen crib should be designed to cater to your baby’s specialized comfort and protection. The type of crib you choose determines the size of your baby’s crib mattress.

The types of cribs include standard cribs, mini cribs and shaped cribs. If you have purchased a mini crib for your baby, then continue on reading below.

Mini Crib Mattress Size

LA Baby 3" Portable/Mini Crib MattressBuying the first mini crib mattress you see does not guarantee that it will fit perfectly into your baby’s mini crib. You need to pay serious attention to the dimensions of the mini crib and mattress to purchase the right size. For a mini crib, the right size of the mini mattress should be 24 inches in width and 38 inches in length.


Safety 1st Mini Crib MattressAn excellent mini crib mattress size ought to have the right thickness. Remember, your toddler needs to feel comfortable while sleeping. Prioritize a mini crib that is well-fitting and reasonably thick to give your baby their  best quality of sleep. ( So you get to sleep too!) Taking the correct measurements or dimensions of the mini crib will be essential. A thinner crib mattress designed to be more portable, should have a 1 – 4″ depth, and for the standard crib mattress, it should be 5– 6″  in depth.

Implications of choosing the wrong size of a mini crib mattress

When choosing a mini crib mattress, size is an aspect that is usually overlooked. Purchasing an ill-fitting mini crib mattress can be hazardous for the baby. Buying an extremely smaller crib mattress can result in suffocation and accidental entrapment to your baby. The baby might wedge a leg or an arm in between the crib’s frame and beddings.While with larger crib mattresses, they pose a challenge in changing the sheets regularly.

How will I know if it’s a good fit?

To test whether your mattress has a snug fit, JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) specifications state that there should be no more than two fingers width, one inch, between the edge of the mattress and the side of the crib.


Now that you’re armed with enough knowledge to successfully make an informed purchase, you can choose from our list of top mini crib mattress brands that are of high quality and yet are still reasonably priced.