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Latex mattresses have been made since as early as the 1930s, but it was quickly out of reach for most people since they could be quite expensive. And ever since its creation in the mid-1970s, PVC or foam mattresses have taken over public preferences for their bedroom. But with the recent popularity of the eco-conscious movement and high demand for more organic and sustainable household products, latex mattress resurfaced and been gaining momentum ever since.

What Is Latex Mattress

Latex Foam Mattress PadLatex refers to the rubber material. It is sapped from rubber trees before being processed and molded into various products. Tires, outer shoe soles are some of the popular rubber products. There are two known processes to build a latex mattress. First is called the Dunlop method, where the liquid latex is being set in a mattress mold. The end product is a firm mattress but also ensures 100% natural material. Another method is called the Talalay, where they put an agent to keep the latex from coagulating. This process creates a breathable but less firm mattress. These days, most companies choose to combine both methods in their products resulting in a firm, breathable, and long-lasting latex mattress.

It Gives Full Body Support

In terms of support, the latex mattress is often compared with the memory foam one. Both have good durability and are hypoallergenic. But latex has a quicker bounce rate and does not need your body heat to reshape its foam. In fact, the mattress will automatically follow your body contour and give subsequent support as much as each part needs. The best part is that the mattress will retain its elasticity. A latex mattress won’t be following your body shape like a memory foam one. It is quick to bounce and return to the original form. So you don’t have to worry about your latex mattress to lose shape and no longer as supportive.

It’s healthy for you and the environment

latex mattress that is eco friendlyIf ecology is your thing, and you want something more sustainable even when you sleep, a latex mattress can be what you’ve been looking for. A latex mattress made with the Dunlop process is guaranteed to be 100% natural latex. But if you’re uncertain, you still can look for GOLS certification labels. A latex mattress also can last you almost a lifetime. Compared to spring and memory foam mattresses that can only last a decade at most, your latex mattress can hold its shape even after it has passed two decades old.

While a latex mattress can be quite expensive to buy. In the long run, it can be one of your best life investments. The mattress is great for any type of sleeper. And some people who are suffering from back pain and need continuous support through the night can rely on its firmness. The mattress will hold your body contour without losing shape the next night. Your sleeping experience is going to be better with a latex mattress.