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An Honest Review Of The Bed In A Mattress- GhostBed

The naturally responsive, sleek latex foam layer of the mattress provides the ideal level of surface softness, while the proprietary gel memory foam layer helps regulate sleeping temperature. The high-density base foam layer of the GhostBed provides increased support for a restful night’s sleep. This 11-inch mattress comes with a removable plush cover that wicks away moisture and heat, keeping you cool throughout the night. – Amazon


ghostbed mattress review

In this Ghostbed mattress reviews article you will get to know all that you need to know about the mattress and where, how and why it was manufactured. Lot of people have come across or have been familiar with several mattress and here is another that is a master craft which you can’t overlook.

Nature’s sleep is the sole manufacturer of the Ghostbed mattress and how will you feel if you find out it took them 15 years to come up with a mattress like this? It took this reputable company 15 years to make comprehensive research, development and design to create the Ghostbed mattress.


  • The mattress gives extra support compared to other standard mattresses.
  • It is very easy to install as all needed is to remove from the box and position on the frame, base or floor.
  • It helps in the alignment of your spine.
  • It reduces back pain.


  • The warranty is somewhat misleading.

What is GhostBed Mattress?

The Ghostbed mattress is an ultimate foam that is manufactured by one of the leading companies in mattress industry known as nature’s sleep.

Nature’s sleep have been frontier for years for crafting quality mattresses and bedding materials. The mattress is made of latex and memory foam to offer you a balanced feel that most of the sleeper’s desire.

What is ghostbed mattress made of?

ghostbed mattress reviews

The Ghostbed mattress is made of three quality layers such as; top layer, middle layer and bottom layer.

The Top layer

The top layer is known as the comfort layer because it is made with natural responsive latex of about one and a half inches, three and a half pounds density that doesn’t retain body heat and offers an ideal level of softness for optimal comfort and restful sleep for anyone.

The middle layer

The middle layer of the mattress is made of memory foam and it helps to dissipate heat from the mattress which have the temerity to prevent you from having a sound night rest.

The memory foam is about 2 inch with 100% pressure relieving material that is embedded along with the gel beads. It is this gel beads that helps to absorb the heat and keep the temperature cooler for a restful sleep.

The bottom layer

The bottom layer of the mattress comprises of seven and a half inches, two pounds density of high density base layer to boost the support and enhance the time spent on the mattress.

Ghostbed mattress features

ghost bed mattress reviewWhy Ghostbed mattress is better than other standard mattresses.

High-Density Base Foam

The mattress has a high density base layer that help to enhance the support and durability. The mattress is designed to offer comfort and support for any individual with this layer that help to keep the spinal alignment in good condition without creating an uncomfortably feeling for the sleeper.

The Ghostbed mattress appears 1 inch thicker than other conventional mattresses and this is done because Nature’s sleep have the mind of sleepers in mind during the production.

Plush Removable Cover

The mattress comes with a plush cover that is made of quality fabrics, viscose and polyester for a smooth feel.

The cover is quite stretchy and can return to its original shape after being pulled on. Indubitably, the cover is superb in its design and quality and it has a zipper on the bottom side in which you can easily remove on the off chance that there is need for you to wash.

Who should buy the ghostbed mattress?

The mattress is ideal for those in need of a strong and cool mattress, and also for those in need of a mattress that will give full support to every part of their body.

The mattress gives maximum support to your body from the head to toe as it is able to maintain a stable and balanced position offering you sufficient spine alignment.

About GhostBed Mattress

ghost bed mattress

On the scale of 1 to 10, I will give the mattress 10 which show the perfection of the mattress. Nature’s sleep has done all required to ensure that the mattress comes worthy of waiting for 15 years.

It has twenty years warranty and appears to be the first product backed by Amazon for such warranty.

Sleeping on a Ghostbed mattress is just like floating on air as it frees you from pressure and aches that you tend to get from other mattresses. The mattress is a must-have for every home as it fits any type of sleeper.

It doesn’t sink because it is firm and strong enough to hold about 320 pounds and on the off chance that it presses, it will regain its original position the moment you get off.

This is the best option if you are in search of a new or replacement to your mattress. You wouldn’t know the value of this mattress until you have any experience with it. It is such a premium mattress for someone like you.

What are the frequently asked questions?

Yes, you can use heated pad with the mattress.

Yes, the GhostBed can be used on an adjustable base foundation.


Nature’s sleep has every right to get the encomium for this quality mattress as they’ve done all required of them to manufacture Ghostbed mattress which took them 15 years to achieve.

It is the best mattress I’ve been privileged to try out myself and I couldn’t resist until I got my personal one.

Ghostbed Mattress Review
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