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The temperature when sleeping is one of the main discomforts and causes of a sleepless night for many people. After all, you are supposed to fully rest when you sleep. Nobody enjoys waking up at night, especially those who have a problem falling asleep. How well a mattress can retain and disperse body heat should be one item considered before someone buying a mattress. But first, let’s figure out why there are claims about how a latex mattress is hot.

No, Latex Mattress Are Not Hot

latex mattress are not hotLittle do people know that latex is a unique material. It may appear solid and elastic, but inside it consists of open-cell structures that allow continuous airflow to go through. This means your mattress will stay cool even on a hot night. Natural latex already has this feature, and during the manufacturing process, the latex foam often punctured for extra airflow holes. Every single move you make while you sleep, no matter how small, allows more air to go through the holes.

Understand the Materials

When people are complaining that their latex mattress is still hot or not as cool as expected, it means that they do not know that there are several types of latex mattresses in the market. There is the 100% natural latex, synthetic and the hybrid latex mattresses. Each has its own pros and cons depending on your preferences. But a 100% natural latex may perform better on being breathable compared to a synthetic one.

Other Important Things

There are two other things that contribute to sleep temperature. First is the bedding you use, and the room temperature. If your bedroom has temperature control like an air conditioner and heater, then you can have any mattress you like. But if it’s not, then you should match your bedding with the season. No matter how cool your mattress is, you will still feel hot at night if you put a thick blanket on a warm summer night. Another thing to keep in mind is that 100% cotton bedding is always the best one to have. It’s a breathable fabric that is not only soft to touch but also able to absorb your body heat.

So there you have your answer. A latex mattress is not necessarily why you are hot at night. In fact, it may be one of the coolest mattresses to have thanks to the natural open pockets that allow airflow. It also can be a longtime investment since it can last up to 25 years while still retaining its shape.