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Good sleep is important for leading a healthy and productive life. Getting enough comfortable sleep is a requirement for an individual to carry out their daily activities successfully. However, we often neglect this area of our lives, especially when it comes to the lifespan of our mattresses. Most people replace their mattresses only if they must. A closer examination of our beddings shows that they have a definite lifespan.


airbed mattressThe most important characteristic that determines the life span of a mattress is the material used to manufacture it. The airbed is the most durable mattress. It has an average life span of eight to ten years depending on how well one maintains it. Airbeds can withstand sagging which is the most significant sign that your mattress needs to be replaced. Despite their relatively long lifespans, airbeds require careful maintenance that can be expensive. While they only require constant refilling of the air, air leaks can occur which can drastically reduce their life span. It is important to study the warranty terms offered by retailers when purchasing this type of mattress.


Waterbeds are also a popular sleeping surface and can last for a long time. They have a projected lifespan of over ten years but need a lot of care and maintenance. One maintenance task is to purchase a waterbed conditioner to treat the water in the bed to avoid minerals and bacteria from leaking through to the mattress.

Latex mattress

best latex mattressLatex mattresses are durable and can last for around eight years. Both natural and artificial forms of latex are used. A common observation with this type is that it softens over time. Natural latex outlasts its artificial counterpart and it is important to understand the type of latex you are buying in order to get the most value in terms of its lifespan.

Foam mattress

Foam mattresses are the most common type of mattress purchased by consumers. The longevity of this type of mattress depends on the density of the foam used. High-density foam will last longer than low-density foam. Memory foam has the longest durability since it reverts to its original form after it is used. Foam mattresses will last for up to six years depending on the level of use and foam quality.

Innerspring mattress

best innerspring mattressInnerspring mattresses have a shorter life span due to their susceptibility to mechanical issues. They are constructed using foam and spring coils which act as the support core for the mattress. These unique materials make this type of mattress susceptible to sinking over time. They could last for up to five or six years.

Beyond the type of material

While the type of material used to manufacture the mattress is important, other factors also contribute to the lifespan of a mattress. A person’s body weight will determine how long they can use their beddings before replacing them. Leaner people will use their mattresses for a longer period compared to people with more weight. Couples will also find themselves replacing their mattresses more often due to wear and tear. The mattress tends to sag due to the couple’s uneven weight which makes sleep less comfortable. Uneven mattresses can lead to serious health problems such as insomnia, shoulder pain, and back stiffness. The quality of your mattress will have a direct impact on the quality of your sleep and it is, therefore, important to know when to replace your mattress.

One common sign that a mattress has overstayed its welcome is frequent back pain from the sagging or sinking of the mattress. Body formations may form over time which may lead to the unevenness of the mattresses surface. Mechanical malfunctions such as the breaking of springs or the leaking of air in an airbed are also common signs in those types of mattresses.

Care and maintenance

Maintenance of a mattress is necessary to ensure that it serves its expected lifespan. Some of the basic measures include avoiding jumping and other unnatural uses of the mattresses. The added pressure to your mattresses can decrease its lifespan. Sharp objects should be kept away from airbeds to avoid leakages which will reduce their useful life.

Cleaning your sleeping surface regularly will also prevent the accumulation of dust and mold which shortens the lifespan of the mattress. Ensure that your mattress receives regular maintenance. A mattress cover will come in handy to prevent stains and sweat from reaching the sleeping surface. You should also wash bedsheets and air them out frequently to avoid stuffiness.

Since sleep is vital for us to lead healthy, productive lives, knowing when to replace your mattress, will help you save a ton of money on potential health costs. Determining your mattresses’ lifespan will help you predict the current month’s expenses since you will be able to set a “deadline” for your current bed. Take good care of your bed and you will sleep more comfortably.