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Having trouble going to sleep?  Tossing and turning throughout the night can wear on your body and mind. You may feel at a loss and like there is no way to get help.

But rest assured.

Going to sleep with a healthy state of mind is the best way to wake up feeling great. It’s been known that those that take supplements before bed can live a healthier life. There are a variety of choices in natural sleep aids so we have went through and found some of the best we recommend to help you get to sleep.

So let’s start treating your body and mind right!

Nobi Nutrition: Turmeric PM

Nobi Nutrition Turmeric Curcumin Sleep Aid with MelatoninNobi Nutrition comes in a capsule form. These  aid in major joint support through spirulina. Nobi provides excellent antioxidant absorption and increases the body’s ability to cycle the supplements evenly throughout the body. Spirulina is a rich GLA which provides natural pain relief.

Nobi is a perfect fix for unfocused sleep through the power of thiscurcumin sleep aid with the right melatonin balance. Curcumin alleviates pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


You are going to love Nobi.

Sleep Aid by Physician’s Choice

Sleep Aid by Physician’s ChoiceNatREM’s award winning creation has astonishing ways of helping to optimizing sleep patterns and eliminating drowsiness and grogginess. The miraculous amino acid suntheanine in combination with melatonin will help you maintain deep sleep throughout the night.

Because let’s be honest, resting the mind before sleep isn’t always easy.

Don’t you agree?

The pure amino acid suntheanine enhances the alpha brain waves and reduces levels of stress and anxiety.


Don’t let those toxins cloud the brain stay energized when it matters the most.

Dream Caps by Vitamin Bounty

Next on our list is Dream Caps. You just take one of these capsules and prepare for one of the most relaxing sleep you will have. The first stage begins when melatonin, valerian and chamomile trigger signals in the brain that help cause relaxation and sleep.

We think Dream Caps may be your best find.

With Dream Caps there will be no more restlessness. This supplement even aids those who do not fall into REM sleep. Taking the cap will provide amazing assistance to the mind restoring itself with a natural circadian rhythm. I love knowing that a simple cap like this will make me sleep better every night.

Zzzquil Pure Zzzz by Vicks

These yummy gummies are more than just tasty but they are healthy for you too!

They are formulated with the optimal level of melatonin which is necessary for the regulation of a proper sleep cycle. These are best used nightly and not during intermittent sleep.

l wish I had a ZZZ squishy gummy right now!

And best thing of all is that it is Drug-Free so that there are no lingering symptoms afterwards. Made without artificial flavors, gluten, lactose, or gelatin. Say goodbye to next-day grogginess, PURE Zzzz’ s are going to take you on a sleeping journey.

Goodnight Balm by WiId Thera on our list is a NON-GMO herbal balm. Balms are one of the best ways to go considering that they do not require any chemicals, stabilizers, emulsifiers and the list goes on…

I know if I am putting something on my body, it’s going to be organic!

It works great on the temples and under the nose to soothe breathing throughout the night. You can rely on this goodnight balm to deliver the body with precise amounts of melatonin, to help you get and stay asleep.

Making new choices in our life like this will help educate us on the things that work! And things that are working out for us will have us sleeping great and waking up feeling great.

Just make sure you are in the mood to sleep because these babies are going to put you right to sleep. You want to settle in bed after closing your book and get ready for a beautiful night’s rest.

Sleep Well by Seven Minerals Minerals is a magnesium-based spray that is used in part, or as an essential oil.

Sleeping in peace is going to be a simple dab away if you just apply the oil about 30 minutes prior to laying down to sleep. When you are getting ready for sleep it is crucial to set the phone down, and actually get ready for bed.

It’s okay to call it a night and with seven minerals it’s going to come much easier. Two sprays and it is going to supply your all-day energy.


Before you get to cuddle under the blankets spray some onto your feet or legs. The blood vessels open quickly and create friction under the skin. it is a slight tingle and will slowly disappear as you find a routine using seven minerals allowing it to do its job. Before you know it you are going to fall into a beautiful, entrancing sleep.

U-Dream Lite Formula: 4/5 Hours

U-Dream All Natural Herbal Supplement to Help You Sleep This sleep supplement is designed to help someone get back to rest when they wake up in the middle of the night.

And who doesn’t want that?

No one wants to toss and turn or throw the blanket around all night just praying for sleep. That is why they specifically made this formula for you. U-Dream Lite formula provides an average 4 to 5 hours of sleep but there is a fuII-night formula as well that covers 7 to 8 hours.

If you are just a napper then the Lite formula is going to be a better option. That way you can have a great reset to a great day when you need to take a snooze.


This formula is comprised from a precise blend of fruits, bark, roots and potent flower extracts. By naturally calming the nervous system there won’t be anymore disruptive sleep patterns. Your body will thank you when it gets the rest it needs.

NyteShred by LMNITRIX

NyteShred - Natural Night time Sleep Aid Supplement & PM Burner Pills for Men & WomenUp next is NyteShred which comes in a simple pill form. All you must do is take one of these, and you will be soaring to sleep on your feathery-soft pillow. It even helps you burn fat while you’re sleeping!


Let’s dive in and see what makes NyteShred work.

This all-natural supplement will help you sleep without having to worry about what fillers there would be in another brand. The first main ingredient is GABA which is responsible in our brains as a receptor granting a smooth, relaxing effect in combination with a protein. Without GABA we cannot relax, so it is crucial we take care of this part of the system.


Active GABA will help with feelings of anxiety, fears, stresses or anything in our daily lives causing imbalance.


Natural Sleep Aid for Adults This product comes in liquid form and is delivered through your mouth using an eye-dropper.. It has the perfect combination of melatonin, theanine and chamomile flower. Theanine is a great aid towards reducing blood pressure, preventing the flu and improving how well cancer drugs work.

This supplement will balance a great night’s sleep while also neutralizing internal odor causing compounds found in the blood. This antioxidant protects body cells against free radical damage and premature aging.


Your metabolism is going to thank E2H, as it alleviates inflammation and digestive problems!


Now that you have the tools for sleeping successfully it is time to put it all in place. Choosing the right method isn’t always easy but it is best to know all of your options. The next time you are going to a pharmacist or local drug store you may want to consider your options at other retailers.

Some of these options seen here are exclusively purchased online or at an exclusive retail outlet. So, we have to say thank you to our great local herb and natural stores that have dedicated sections like this for sleep aids. If your uncomfortable ordering online we highly recommend visiting your local natural store to help get your natural sleep supplements.

And come on, who doesn’t want an easier time getting a better night’s rest?